Lavender + Vetiver Bath Soak - Single
Daughter of the Land

Lavender + Vetiver Bath Soak - Single

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Inspired by the lavender fields of Washington, we formulated this soak with Full Spectrum CBD, lavender, and vetiver to help calm the body and the mind. We elevated the old school lavender bath!

Each soak packet includes 10mg of Full Spectrum CBD (10mg of CBD per serving)

Our blend of epsom + French grey salts combines to include over 80 trace minerals and magnesium, known for their soothing properties. This soak includes hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) and lavender oil both recognized for their relaxing, restorative and anti-inflammatory properties. The essential oil blend is formulated for some serious mind relaxation. 

Lavender fields after the rain, floral notes, calming

Epsom Salt, French Grey Salt 1, Avocado Oil 1,2, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract 1, Lavender Oil 1, Rose Geranium Oil 1, Vetiver Oil 1, Kaolin Clay

1. Certified Organic
2. Certified Fair Trade

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